Attention Deficit Disorder Diet Treatment

According to the research from different scientist, ADD diet treatment can make some changes to improve ADD symptoms. Research shows, artificial and junk food will interrupt the body system and not enough of nutrients will causes the brain not working well. Change the food habit can help to reduce ADD symptoms. It is hard to change a child food habits but we have to try it.

You may be heard someone said diet for ADD kids is not working, but my opinion is, diet treatment failed may causes by many of factors. Try Diet treatment for your ADD child, you won’t lose anything, so why don’t you have a try if there is some hope?


The Tole ADD Diet Treatment

Food to Avoid

  • Artificial Sugar / Added Sugar. Sugar like syrup, cane sugar, honey, sweetness and others. Food that include artificial sugar or added sugar is cane drinks, junk food, jam, milk, cocoa, biscuit, candy, coffee, and some others food that prepared commercially.
  • Dairy food. Milk includes a lot of proteins, it is good for most of the people but some people will have an allergic on milk. Especially for ADDpatients because due to the research most of the ADD patients is allergic on casein and gluten. Milk contains a higher level of casein. ADD patient need to avoid the food that make by milk or contains casein. Read the label before you buy it.
  • Flour. Food that make from flour should avoid by the ADD patients. Cakes, pancakes, biscuits, pizza, breads, pasta and others that contains flour. Most of this food also contains gluten which is one of the allergic factors for ADD patients.
  • Coloring / Artificial Food. ADD had been suspected is linked with artificial food and coloring food. Avoid artificial food can help to improve symptoms of ADD.
A good diet for ADD Patients

A good diet should not only avoid the food that will cause allergic and should be have a balance of vitamin and mineral for patients.

Omega 3

Fish, olive oil, eggs and flax seed contain a high level of Omega 3. Omega is good for the overall cells healthy. Include omega 3 in the food can increase the chance to reduce ADD symptoms.

High protein foods

Eat more beans, nuts, eggs and others in the breakfast. This type of food can help to improve the concentrating time.

Carbohydrate Food

Vegetables and fruits contain carbohydrate. Carbohydrate can help ADD patients to sleep well and reduce anxiety.

Due to the practice of “The Tole Diet Treatment for ADD kids” may works for some ADD patients. Diet treatment provided by The Tole Chinese Master is one of the main roles of treatment. They also provide The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Treatment is always the first choice and first step for ADD kids. Combine the diet treatment with The Tole Neuro acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment, you will see the better result in a short time.


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